Countless Animals’ Lives Are Being Saved By This Totally Brilliant Invention

Each summer, families across the globe take the time to ensure that their swimming pools are ready to provide a relaxing warm-weather retreat. With both backyard and community pools, safety is of the utmost importance. It’s necessary to keep an eye on children, keep pools clean and free of toxins, and make sure no reckless activities are taking place.

Another concern that many folks don’t even think about revolves around the lives of small animals! Richard Mason, a biologist, realized in 2004 that many people he knew were dealing with the same phenomenon. They were finding dead or nearly-dead frogs in their swimming pools that they needed to pull out! Not only this, but some people were discovering dead mice and lizards, and nobody understood why this was happening.

Richard realized that the animals, though capable of swimming, were drowning! They couldn’t figure out how to crawl out of the pool, as the walls were too high for them to get out! Upon making this discovery, Richard began working on an invention that would preserve the lives of countless animals. He stitched together scraps to make a FrogLog, a ramp that small animals could use to get in and out of pools! Not only were frogs and mice taking advantage of the device, but even other animals such as snakes were taking refuge on the safety platform. Obviously, the device was functional!

Some people even choose to put the device at the edge of a nearby pond to give ducklings a way of getting in and out of the water. It’s obvious that Richard’s creation has had a positive impact in multiple environments, saving the lives of many creatures. To learn more about how this invention works, watch the video! Then, leave a comment below and share this video with your friends!