Country Crooner’s Soulful Voice Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes With Original Song

The truly amazing thing about music is its universal ability to evoke an emotional response. There are songs that will make us cry, cause us to giggle, or even bring quiet to the chaos of our thoughts. This songwriter’s original tune is no exception, and we are stunned by his feeling.

There are some songs out there that will always make us stop what we’re doing and cry, whether it’s because of an emotional attachment or simply due to an especially mournful melody. Songwriters truly are a rare breed of creatives that have an uncanny ability to reach inside us and touch our hearts.

A Southern soul singer-songwriter, John Moreland is no stranger to writing lines that will leave his listeners speechless. This particular performance of his original “Hang Me In The Tulsa County Stars” captured at South By Southwest in 2015, is no exception.

Whether it’s his softly finger-picked acoustic guitar, his gravelly, raw tone, or his full commitment to his performance, Moreland proves himself to be worthy of the title “one of Oklahoma’s rising indie music artists,” and we can’t wait to see what he puts out next.