John Wayne Tells The Touching Tale of The Army’s Most Sacred Song

American patriot and film legend, John Wayne, holds sincere pride for America’s history, and it was pride that motivated him to tell the history of the song played at every fallen soldier’s funeral. John Wayne narrates the history of “Taps” in a heartfelt expression that’ll help you gain your own personal connection to the deep meaning of this solemn tribute.

“Taps” was composed by 32nd Degree Scottish Freemason Daniel Butterfield. The serving Major General in the Civil War received numerous accolades including the Congressional Medal of Honor but his great acclaim has to be the composition of this lasting, moving song. There’s no better way to learn history than to hear it sung by John Wayne.

Often called the most sacred song in the army, “Taps” narrated by the great American hero John Wayne is a truly touching tale. History lessons often fail to convey the emotion that inspires them to be remembered. However, after hearing this great American patriot instill the message in this way, this sacred song will have all new meaning.

John Wayne Tells The Touching Tale of The Army\'s Most Sacred Song