Country Music Legend Mel Tillis In Failing Health. Family Puts Out An Urgent Call For Prayers.

Country music legend Mel Tillis has suffered a downturn in his health following colon surgery recently. Complications in the surgery landed the star in critical condition, and his daughter, Pam Tillis, reports that he is not healing as quickly as they would like.

Mel’s family and friends have taken to social media, calling out for prayers for the 83-year-old singer songwriter. Groups like The Oak Ridge Boys and stars like Tony Orlando urge people to send some strength and healing Mel’s way.

Mel Tillis first made waves in the country music scene back in the ‘50s. He gained notoriety and took to the spotlight writing songs for Kenny Rogers, Charley Pride, Linda Ronstadt, Waylon Jennings, and others.

Tillis rose to fame through his own music releases and by writing songs for his contemporaries. In 1984 he wrote his biography, Stutterin’ Boy, and ten years later he built his own theater in Branson, Missouri.

Tillis has left a deep impression on the country music scene, and in the hearts of his fans. Take a moment to send a prayer out for the beloved singer.

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