Country Music Superstar Lee Brice Pays Tribute to First Responders With New Video That’ll Warm Your Heart

First responders are a special breed of people, who else would be willing to put others safety above their own and run into the fires when our first instinct is to run out. Lee Brice’s new music video is a beautiful portrayal of just how heroic these men and women are every days, especially during a global pandemic.

During the coronavirus crisis, even celebrities like country music star Lee Brice are affected. While appearing on “Fox & Friends” this past week to promote his new music video for “One of Them Girls,” Brice confessed that the forced time at home with his family has been a mixed blessing, especially with his kids “bouncing off the walls.”

In his new music video released on Friday, Brice honors the first responders who are on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic, putting themselves at risk daily to protect their communities. The video portrays moments in a young single mother’s life working as a firefighter as she struggles to make ends meet for her family.

Brice’s intention with the video was to bring life to the girl he imagines at heart, saying that she is “that girl that all of us — deep down, at the end of the day, at the end of our lives — really hope to have loving us.” The response to Brice’s new video has been overwhelmingly positive, both for its sweet message as well as the timely praise for our first responders.