Country Sensation Johnny Horton Stole Hearts in the 1950s

Back in the 1950s, musicians started crossing over from one genre to another. Johnny Horton was known for his impressive crossovers, including a Jimmie Driftwood cover of “The Battle of New Orleans.”

The country artists found comfort in continuously taking the number-one spot on the charts. Johnny Horton was invited onto all of the music-related shows, including American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show.

People couldn’t get enough of his twangy and energetic country tunes. While Johnny passed away tragically in November of 1960, his music continues to inspire listeners everywhere. He was a legend that we all miss very much.

There’s a classic clip of Horton dressed in an all-white Daniel Boone outfit during one of his appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. We can’t help but bob our heads and tap our feet along with this heartwarming performance.

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