Country Singer Celebrates with Mom After ‘Simple Man’ Performance

Colin Stough

‘American Idol’ has celebrated all styles of music over the years, and recently there has been a country music explosion. The talent in this genre is unparalleled, especially with judge Luke Bryan in the fold.

Colin Stough

More country greatness happened when 18-year-old Colin Stough came in for an audition. Colin tells the judges he is from a small town outside Amory, Mississippi.

Colin says he lives with his Mom, Stepdad, and 2 dogs, and he is only 30 feet from his grandparents’ house. The whole family lives on their large property.

Colin Stough

Luke Bryan asks what Colin does, and he responds, “You ride horses, make friends, and go to work.” Colin says his Ma signed him up for American Idol, and Luke says, “Mama got you good.”

They share a laugh before Colin begins to sing his version of ‘Simple Man’ made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd. He sings in a warm country tone with a lower voice, and the judges love how he delivers the tune.

After Colin finishes, judge Katy Perry says, “You got the magic in you. And you got the stardust.” Luke Bryan asks Colin to bring in his Mom. She tells the judges they have a house full of guitars, saying, “I listen to guitar playing and singing all day.”

Luke Bryan says, “Well, Colin is exactly what we hope for and dream for at American Idol.” Then, the judges give him 3 ‘Yes’ votes and send him to Hollywood.

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Country Singer Celebrates with Mom After \'Simple Man\' Performance