Countryman Tells A Lesson About Fashion…Don’t Miss What He Says Next! WOW!

The way we style ourselves through our clothing is part of our individuality as people, and it is a way that we express ourselves every day. Your clothes say a lot about your personality and the image of yourself that you want to give out to others. We are all unique, and everyone sees style in a different way, but one way or the other, there has to be a limit. Some people just don’t understand the difference between expression and indecency. You’ve probably seen this yourself before.

The man dressed as a regular countryman, cowboy hat and all, talks about these ridiculous “fashion statements” and styles, such as dropped pants; or saggy pants as they are often called. He said he saw a guy wearing his pants almost around his knees! And what he says about it? It was rough, but the truth is ugly sometimes. He doesn’t only have advice for young men; he also has plenty to say about older people and women, as well! What do you think?

You can watch this man express some thoughtful ideas in the clip below! I think he has some really fair points, but how about you? Tell us your ideas about fashion and dressing in public places in the comment section!

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