Couple Adopts VERY Pregnant Dog From Shelter. What Happens Next? I’M IN TEARS.

There’s a popular saying: “Everything happens for a reason.” Things might not make sense when they first happen, but then, later on, the true meaning of whatever event occurred will be revealed. When something bad happens, it might just be opening the door for something good. There are a good amount of people who think that nothing truly random happens. Some of them might be professors who study chaos theory, but the rest are just regular everyday people.

People like Chris and Mariesa, for whom the term “dog lover” would be too understated. Before they met, Chris had six dogs. Mariesa had two dogs of her own. That’s eight dogs right there. Then they found out about Storie, a dog who was very far along in her pregnancy. They knew that her giving birth in the kennel would not be good, so they decided to foster her for her pregnancy. They thought they had a couple of days to prepare. Nope. 18 hours later, out came 12 more puppies. Let me do the math… that’s 18, 19…20 dogs altogether now.

Storie obviously held out giving birth until she was outside of the kennel. Animals are amazing, they know that they can do things like that. The best news was that the puppies were all unharmed. For Chris and Mariesa, it was suddenly like a new reality show, but they were parents to 12 new puppies and not babies. Unlike the Duggar clan, these all came at once. Surely there were quite a few sleepless nights as they cared for these puppies.

The best thing about this is that they were so generous to even open their doors, given the number of dogs they already had. Many people in that situation would have trusted the kennel staff to handle it. Not these two. Hats off to them. I say this as someone who sometimes finds handling two cats to be overwhelming at times – though it’s mostly when they are bugging me to feed them when I’m trying to write.

I was really moved by this video. How about you? Did you feel the same? Leave a comment below!

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