Couple Dances To “Je T’aime” Which Means… Their Chemistry Does the Translating

The Ukrainian version of the “Got Talent” franchise gives aspiring singers, dancers, comedians, and other performers a chance at cash prizes and fame. Thousands seek to appear on the show and only a few make the cut.

Those few then compete to show which of them is the country’s most talented. A young couple who do a modern dance routine to a very romantic song by Lara Fabian have got to be top contenders. You’ll see for yourself in the video we’ve posted below.

Lara Fabian is an award-winning Belgian-Canadian singer and songwriter who has sold over 20 million albums. She took singing, dancing, and piano lessons starting at a very young age. This was followed by a decade of more formal music study.

big break came in 1988 at the Eurovision Song Contest where a huge television audience had a chance to appreciate her talent and Fabian has had quite a career since then. Most of her songs are in French, including the unforgettable “Je T’Aime” (I Love You).

And “Je T’Aime” it is for the young couple on Ukraine’s Got Talent. They translate the lyrics of Fabian’s romantic tune into amazing dance moves. It’s modern dance, ballet, performance art, acrobatics and pure athleticism all in one superb routine.

beautiful grace and agility, they transform the song’s French poetry into a universal language! The camera shows audience members who are just blown away; one even wipes away a tear.

The judges are astounded and you can see it on their faces. When the dancers finish their routine and takes their bows, the audience gives them a standing ovation!

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