Couple Devastated After Years Of Infertility, Get Phone Call That Leaves Them Stunned

Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings any couple can have. For many, after getting married, a baby is like the crown jewel of their love, and once the baby is here, everything starts to fall into place. Babies are capable of changing a home’s dynamics and atmosphere in the blink of an eye.

Not being able to have a baby is something that usually takes a very heavy toll on couples. Some couples end up in divorce after a few unsuccessful attempts and blaming each other for their apparent misfortune. Of course, you can always go to couple’s therapy and try to get counseling, but that does not always help. For many, it is just a matter of maybe, if they are lucky, find a way to adopt a baby and get the chance to fulfill their dream.

Such a couple is the one formed by Alexis and Gabe. They have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years now, and the perils that they have gone through have not been easy for any of them. They have gone through 2 miscarriages, 5 rounds of infertility medications and one insemination, without any success. The reason that Alexis is not able to get pregnant is because her eggs, are like the from the ones of a 45-year.old woman, according to what the specialist told them.

When the doctor just point blank told her that, she felt that the whole world just caved in on her, her hopes and dreams were shattered and she thought that nothing else could be done about it. Instead of giving up, the go to see a new specialist. The doctor tells them they do not need 20 good eggs, they just need one. So, they go for a third treatment and receive a call from their doctor soon after.

The doctor says, unfortunately none of their embryos were feasible, so it’s back to the drawing board. Soon after, they get a call saying that there might be a male factor contributing to this infertility, so in treating it, they might be able to finally get pregnant.

Besides that option, they decide to explore other ones like adoption. They have actually gotten very far in the process, when with just a phone call, that as well is taken away from them. After getting through some hurdles the adoption problem appears to be cleared, but then they get a phone call that will change life as they know it.