A couple dreams of adopting a newborn, then the tears flow with news about the birth mother

For any young couple one of life’s most important decisions is to start a family. Some people are not as lucky as others, and as much as they try, they just cannot conceive. This leaves a few options such as IVF or even adoption. Both of these processes can take considerable time, and are not guaranteed to be 100% successful.

It is hard enough to deal with the normal challenges of day-to-day life, but when something like this comes at you it can be a devastating blow to both partners. The questions of Why us? Whose fault is it? What have we done to deserve this? Can be lethal to a marriage. Many couples have separated after finding out that they cannot have children, to them it is just too heartbreaking to go on.

On young couple from North Carolina were faced with the unthinkable, they could not conceive naturally. But rather that wallow in misery they set about finding a solution, to realize their dream of one day having a family. To them, Adoption was the natural choice.

There is of course a huge amount of red tape to wade through even before you can be considered as a candidate for this process. It can take months, if not years before your chances of having a family can become a reality. Matt and Katie were well prepared for a long wait to see their dreams come to fruition.

With the paperwork complete and the selection process done, this exited young couple sat down and waited for their turn to come to be the loving parents that the always wanted to be. Then one day out of the blue, and not to long afterward, Matt received a phone call that immediately brought him to tears. Matt and Katie had been chosen as the parents of a little girl who was about to be born. The child’s mother had given up all rights to the infant which meant this excited young couple were going to a have family they had dreamed and prayed for, the same day.

It would have appeared that God in his wisdom had decided that Matt and Katie were the ideal people to guide this little angel through life. After bringing their new daughter, “Natalie Grey” home for the first time, the couple made a vow to each other and their special little girl.

“We, Matt and Katie, take you Natalie Gray. We promise to love and to care for you to the best of our ability with the guidance of God, our Father.” The most important part of their promise to this special little girl was to be the best parents that they could be, and to always be there through thick or thin for their precious gift from God.