Couple Finally Meets Their New Adopted Daughter!

For various reasons Audrey Shook had one thing clear, she wanted to be able to adopt from China, at some point in her life. Shook married her highschool boyfriend and soon after the couple got pregnant, they decided to revisit the idea after some time. Nice years later, Andrew and her husband Brent, had kept investigating and eventually they found Lucy, a special needs child from China. Lucy was currently living in an orphanage and the young fell completely in love with them!

They immediately began plans to adopt the little girl! On July 20 they finally set out to meet their new daughter. Along with Lucy, dozens of special needs children arrived at Bush Airport, the heartwarming meeting was all caught on camera.  Other parents were even holding welcome signs! As soon as Audrey saw Lucy she dashed to her side, incredibly happy to see her, on Monday evening, dozens of special needs children from China arrived to meet their foster families at Bush Airport. When Audrey spotted Lucy, she instantly broke down and ran to her. “Hi! Hi! I’m Momma,” Audrey said, as Lucy repeated the word “Momma” back to her. It was love at first sight!

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