Couple Finds Themselves Cramped In Bed With EIGHT Dogs. Their Creative Solution Cracked Me Up!

Dog and cat owners are far too familiar with this scenario: You lay down, get yourself comfy and turn off the lights. Sleep is not that far off. Just before the Sandman pays a visit, though, you hear scratching on the floor. Oh no. Then a whine and a THUMP! Yup. You have a canine or feline visitor who does NOT want to sleep alone. Some of them are good, they sleep at the foot of the bed. Others… they sleep where they want and they do NOT care about the circulation of your legs. Forget a good night’s sleep.

Now multiply that situation by eight and you can understand what Chris and Mariesa Hughes were going through. They have eight dogs – three pit bull mixes, two greyhounds, a Chihuahua, a Wire-Haired Terrier, and a Bull Terrier. Yeah. That’s a lot of furry bodies on a bed. It got so bad that they would run off to the sofa, ceding the bed to the dogs. Then they special-ordered a huge bed , a 14-foot-by-7-foot that had more than enough for everyone. Now they can use the sofa for important things like watching TV.

Some people might be like, “Why didn’t they just make the dogs sleep elsewhere?” Well, Chris and Mariesa think that would be unfair to the dogs. This is a couple who adopt senior dogs. You really think that they would kick the dogs off the bed? To quote Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”: “I. Don’t Think. So.” So this was the best solution for everyone.

Eagle-eyed readers might recognize this couple. Chris and Mariesa also appeared in a story about their fostering a pregnant dog that gave birth shortly after they brought her home. They are truly dog people, to say the least. It’ll be interesting to see if they can find a way to top either of these pieces.

This story made me think about building my own custom bed. Then I remembered I can’t even hammer a nail straight. What did you think of the video? We want to know!

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