Couple Fly To China To Adopt Adorable Baby Girl. I Was Stunned At Her Talent.

When it comes to success, sometimes the road there can be very winding. For McKenzie Walker, that road stretches all the way from America to China. It’s a road that’s featured rejection, kindness, hard work, passion, and self-confidence. There are some that think that there’s a divine hand at work here. I wouldn’t argue with that, since her singing voice sounds positively angelic.

The Walkers had adopted one child but they felt like they needed to add one more. They looked into adoptions in China and found McKenzie, who had been abandoned at a train station at a mere month old. The couple flew there and soon had their complete family. The first sign that McKenzie was gifted was when they first got home and she perfectly mimicked a chiming clock. That led to many voice lessons and a passion for the little girl.

It has paid off for her. Kenzie has sung the National Anthem at Houston Astros games and even recorded a couple of albums. She’s never lost sight of where she came from though, helping out orphanages and drawing attention to kids who need to be adopted to loving homes. She’s still got a long life and career ahead of her. I’m looking forward to what she does over the years. Her ceiling is quite high.

That’s not to say that it will be easy for her. She’s going to have to work hard and while she has people in her corner, the public is a far different creature to try to please. One advantage that she has is that she knows where she’s been and that is what drives her to try to succeed. Though no matter what happens, her parents love her with all their heart, and that is the mark of a good life.

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