Couple Go Over To Their Neighbor’s Run-Down House. What They Do Next Inspired Me.

It’s hard to ask people for help. Especially if you’re a shy person that doesn’t like to mingle with others. But sometimes fate heaps a lot on you and you’re left with no other option. But there are other times that the help will come to you, even if you don’t ask. That’s called a miracle. The people that we see in this video can definitely be called miracle workers… or just really good neighbors.

The video asks: What would you do if you saw your neighbor was in dire straits? Kristen and Adam Polhemus faced that scenario when the officials in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, sent their next-door-neighbor a letter saying that her house was in violation of several codes. The occupant, a retired teacher named Anne Glancey, was on a strict budget and the fines would have wiped her out. What could the Polhemuses do?

They spent the next several months helping Glancey, bringing her house up to code. The couple, and their friends and family members, were a godsend for the retired teacher. Who knows how much she could have accrued in fines? Glancey was more than grateful, coming out of her shell by providing them with food and treats and also talking with everyone. This is a situation where everyone came out ahead.

At the risk of sounding like an old grumpy person who yells at people to get off his lawn, I’m going to say that young people need to be more selfless like this. We’d be better off with more people going around helping each other. It seems like too many folks are out there saying, “Forget that. I got mine. Go away!” I know it may seem naïve, but.. what are you gonna do? Now I just need to go find my walker.

What did you think? Wasn’t that awesome that they came to their neighbor’s aid? I thought so. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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