Couple Hears They May Have Lost Their Baby. What Happens Next Is Miraculous.

No matter how old and healthy you are, a pregnancy is always nine-months of you holding your breath. Well, not literally. That wouldn’t be good for the baby. It is a time of waiting for any potential other shoe to drop. I found I couldn’t relax until my son was delivered and I held him in my arms. A couple was trying for their third child, though they needed a real miracle for that to happen.

This was going to be Candace’s third attempt after two miscarriages. She was high-risk anyway – over 40. It looked like it might happen again… There were two sonograms and neither showed a heartbeat. The doctor wanted to go in and remove the dead fetus, since keeping it inside while the miscarriage symptoms were still showing meant that possible complications could arise – toxic ones. The couple managed to put it off for a couple of weeks because they wanted to see what happened, but it looked like the inevitable was coming.

Candace and Dennis weren’t ready to let go of their baby just yet. Before the doctor was about to do the procedure, they asked him to do one final ultrasound. Being a kindhearted soul, he agreed. Within seconds, he was shocked. There was a fetal heartbeat after all! Their prayers had been answered. That was in 2008, so their baby girl is on her way to being 10 years old. They named her Joy.

There are those who might try to find other explanations for why this happened. Some think that she might have had twins before, one died and the other was hiding behind the dead one. That might explain why there was no initial growth. Another school of thought is that maybe she miscarried and then got pregnant again quickly. The twins one sounds plausible but the second idea really has no legs.

Have you had any miracles like this when pregnant?

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