Couple kept pregnancy a secret – watch their family’s reaction when they bring home a baby!

A pregnancy isn’t the easiest thing to keep a secret – especially when that bump starts showing. But that’s exactly what Ben and his wife Hannah did when they decided to keep a lid on their good news and wait until their child was born before telling the rest of the family! I’ve always wondered how some people are able to pull that off. When my wife’s first pregnancy started showing, I felt that each person we ran into would ask us how far along we were.

The couple had not seen their moms and dads for a long time, as Ben confirms to the camera in the first few moments of the video when they introduce their bundle of joy for the first time. “This is Ivy and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So, we’re going to go surprise them.” We’re sure you’ll agree that’s going to be a pretty huge surprise! Hopefully, everyone is sitting down!

Taking along a driver/cameraman, the couple then visit their respective in-laws to finally let them in on the secret. They had no idea what their reactions would be – and it could really have gone either way when you keep this size secret from your family! Thankfully, the response will make even the hardest heart smile – and we defy you not to shed a tear or two!

Ben and Hannah allowed their secret out to a few close friends, which you can see during the course of the video, but even then, Hannah is quite far along in the pregnancy, so it would still come as quite a shock! The reaction of one friend they talk to online is particularly priceless, while another was convinced that the couple had adopted.

“I’m so confused!” She wails, half crying and half laughing while receiving a comforting hug from Hannah. We’re pretty sure she wasn’t the only one! There’s a number of friends and family who just don’t believe it – and it takes a while to sink in. You have to see the looks on their faces!

It’s a delightful short film that everyone will enjoy, especially when you see the reactions of the family meeting little Ivy for the first time, and being introduced to their surprise granddaughter, niece, and cousin! It’s one home video this family will never get tired of watching – and Ivy will adore when she’s old enough to watch it herself!