For 27 years, this couple has been living off-grid on a self-built island

Catherine and Wayne talked about living a more sustainable life in nature on the first day they met. Wayne says they were inspired by birds and used the materials around them to make their nest. The result is a special place called “Freedom Cove,” where they’ve lived for 27 years.

Freedom Cove is a series of small floating “islands” made of recycled fish farm material. The couple literally built their own island and turned it into a sustainable off-grid utopia suited to their needs.

The first structure they built was their home which was half the size it has since grown to be. Then, Catherine started adding gardens to fulfill her ultimate dream of growing her own food. The plants expanded to four greenhouses that supply food that doesn’t fare well in the cooler temperatures.

The island homestead is full of personal touches. The two added a gallery room to display and admire their artwork, and Wayne added a beach where the couple can relax and enjoy their evenings around a campfire.

The couple is set up for the west coast heavy rains and invested in two floating boathouses to protect their equipment. They even built a lighthouse building with a working light and extra shower for visiting guests.

They pipe water from the lake directly and put it through a purification system to use in the garden and their home. They also compost, burn, and recycle accordingly to produce as little waste as possible.

Whether they are in their art gallery, candle factory, lighthouse, or greenhouse, Catherine and Wayne’s island was literally created by them, for them. They have spent three decades learning how to improve their island, and all their efforts have created something totally original.

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