Couple Raises 5 Girls Off Grid In Remarkable Solar-Powered House

Jeff and Rose are a wholesome Canadian couple that lives with their five darling daughters. They’re similar to every other family in Canada but have one significant difference: they live entirely off the grid.

The daring couple was able to build a gorgeous house surrounded by breathtaking views for under $25,000. They have 40 acres of land that they use to grow their own food, harvest firewood, and even find fresh rainwater.

Their home has two large solar power systems that provide them with electricity to power things like lights, cell phone chargers, and a music player. They have more common appliances such as a washing machine and a full-sized refrigerator as well.

Jeff and Rose’s kids love living a self-sufficient lifestyle and have learned many skills that most adults don’t have. The entire family comes up with ingenious solutions to make living off the grid seem like a breeze, and we couldn’t be more inspired.