Couple Revel In Sixties Nostalgia In Their Circular Home

There are houses, and then there are houses. Some are built to be practical and accommodate the growing need for shelter amongst the human population, but some houses are built to stand out. This is definitely one of them.

When it was built in 1967 by famous designer and architect Leon Meyer, nobody knew what to expect. The designer certainly broke all conventional boundaries when he conceptualised this unusual shaped house and it’s not a tiny space either! Spread over 1250 square feet, this house includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and spacious living spaces which enjoys ample light due to the large windows that open to the f=green expanse outside.

It’s clear to see the charm of this house and why the current owners are so happy there. Julian Goldklang and his wife Desiree Meyers are vintage collectors, are the best residents and owners of this house, as they furnish this house to compliment the unusual shape. Their collection of antique furniture also compliments their fascination with 1960’s design which is reflected in their choice of car as well as their sense of fashion.

I applaud the way they’ve decorated the house and truly made it their own as this house really does stand out. The best part is that the design Leon Meyer built very few circular homes, which makes this a true rarity in the real estate segment in their area.

The saying, “why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out” fits describing this house to a ‘T’. With its zigzag roofline, ample windows and curvy lines, this house is truly an architectural marvel. Every surface of this house is curved. Don’t believe me? The front doors curve. The windows curve. Even the walls curve. Everything about this house is extraordinary and the couple that live here are definitely of the same mold.

If you’re wondering where this house is hidden, you’ll find it in the Oakland Hills. If you’re really looking to own a part of history, you can try your luck and see if it’s for sale! I loved reading about this house and its special design. What did you think of the house and its owners? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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