Couple saves more than 500 senior dogs

When this couple adopted Moses, a senior dog with only weeks left to live, they had no idea he would be the start of a whole rescue project.

Any volunteer or worker at animal shelters will tell you how it’s the young puppies and the spry, healthy dogs that get adopted. Prospective owners are looking to spend many long, happy years with the new member of the family.

But that leaves older dogs with nobody to turn to. Often, they live out their days lonely in the animal shelter, in cramped spaces, watching other, younger pups get picked while they stay behind.

That had been Moses’ fate until Chris and Mariesa met him. The elderly dog had only a few weeks to live, since his health was already waning: with a tumour at his spine and several other problems, the couple only spent a short, but precious time with him full of love and affection.

When Moses passed away, Chris and Mariesa decided to offer the same love and affection, sanctuary and quality of life to as many senior dogs as they could.

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Couple saves more than 500 senior dogs