Baby Turtle Comes when Called. We Didn’t Believe It Either, until We Saw This Video

We just love animals. There is just something about animals that really calls to us, that makes us want more and more from them. Animal videos put us in a better mood and make us smile, even if we are having a bad day.

There are so many different types of animal videos out there, but the most popular seem to be of animals that are seen as popular pets. We’re talking about dogs, cats, birds, fish and even horses. Turtles are sometimes seen, but not often. Turtles are not known for doing terribly exciting things after all, but this video is about to change that.


This featured video shows a little baby turtle named Taco. Taco is a baby turtle that created a burrow for itself in this couple’s back yard. When they first saw the turtle, they named him Taco and called out to him; to their surprise, he came.

For several days they repeated this, and each time, without fail, Taco came to the couple; he even walks into their open palms. It is so very cute to see this tiny little guy come out to say hello. He is adorable.

Baby Turtle Comes when Called. We Didn\'t Believe It Either, until We Saw This Video