Couple Spends 111 Days In The Hospital While Their Newborn Is Trapped In An ‘Oven Bag’

When a young couple gets the news of a new baby coming, they get very excited. For Australian couple, Lilly Munro and her fiancé Brodie Moles that’s exactly what it was. They were engaged but eager to grow their family. Lilly was in her fourth week of pregnancy when she felt that something was wrong. She started to feel not very well at all. Brodie had to take her to the hospital fast.

The doctors performed several tests on her. Some of them did not really show anything wrong. There was a test that did, an ultrasound. When the doctors saw it, they turned pale. Lily’s unborn child had heart complications and they had to induce labor immediately. The couple said yes and they took Lilly to be induced. The baby was born, but very fragile. The baby was named Lennox. He was very little, weighing at only 800 grams with a chance of survival of 50%.

To increase Lennox’s chances of survival, they wrapped him in a special type of plastic wrap that reminded Lilly of an oven bag. Although this type of treatment seemed a little severe, doctors assured the couple that it was standard procedure in cases like these. It was also necessary to keep Lennox from cooling down too much. This is usually done before the baby is placed in an incubator.

A baby’s temperature is critical and babies born so premature cannot regulate their own body temperatures. After this was done, the little boy was connected to a vast array of hoses and tubes. When Lilly saw this, she was stunned to see her baby boy like that. It broke her heart, but she knew it was necessary.

The doctors continued to take care of him, he was in good hands with these doctors. The doctors provided a great deal of care. He remained in the hospital for 111 days. He was constantly growing and getting stronger the whole time. His parents were also happy to see the results. Their son continued to grow slowly but steadily. They knew that if he continued that path, he would be soon ready.

Unfortunately, Lilly and Brodie were now facing other tough challenges. Because they needed to travel back and forth to be with Lennox every day, both could not be with their other three children, Lilly could not continue working because of all the stress she was facing. She had to provide breast milk for Lennox every two hours. The breast milk was crucial for Lennox’s improvement. Their finances also took a great hit and they decided to post their story on the Internet. People responded and before soon they got donations for $5,000. The couple was very grateful and their miracle baby Lennox survived. Click on the video to see Lennox’s progress.