This Couple Have A Surprise For Their Dog During Its Birthday. You Will Never Imagine What They Gave Him!

We often give or receive pets as presents. This is a very nice gesture and results in some long lasting friendships. But not all scenarios end up in fairytale relationships. A new pet is a new special responsibility and some people are not ready for such responsibility. This often ends up in in these poor animals being turned out on the streets or being given away. It is more logical to do your research on someone before you give them a pet to avoid a bad ending. This couple must have done their homework before gifting their dog, Rhett, a new pup as a present.

Scarlett, Rhett’s new puppy, is an adorable little golden retriever-looking fuzz ball, and Rhett seems very happy to have her. Based on how happy Rhett seems, we have no doubt that Rhett’s parents will take care of new little Scarlett and Rhett will provide her with love. Scarlett is one lucky little pup and she is going to grow up in a very loving environment. Why can’t the world be this perfect for everyone?

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