This Couple With Down-Syndrome Is Celebrating Their 22 Years Of Marriage. Watch This Incredible Moment Showing That True Love Does Exist

In the early 1990’s, Tommy Pilling met his one true love, Maryanne. Over the course of the next few months they would look forward to all of the time they spent together and grew to love each other deeply. Soon, Tommy would propose to Maryanne and the two would soon be happily married.

Unfortunately, the families received criticism from the public for allowing them to get married. Many in the public did not think that a wedding between the two was a good idea, and they felt it necessary to voice these opinions to everyone involved in this marriage. The reason for all of this was because both the bride and the groom have a genetic disorder: down syndrome.

There were and still are many misconceptions that the public have about people with down syndrome, and one of them is that individuals with down syndrome are not capable of having a relationship. Tommy and Maryanne as well as their families decided that it didn’t matter what the public thought. True love was true love, and they were going to go through with this marriage.

It is now 22 years later, and Tommy and Maryanne are still happily married, just as in love as the day they were married. They have been the inspiration for many couples with down syndrome since then, and they continue to be an inspiration to couples all around the world. This video is an incredible record of the 22 years of a beautiful marriage that these two have had. Let us know what you think, and be sure to share this with family and friends.

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