She Covered Her Tiny Dog With A Blanket. She Didn’t Expect This Response From The Pooch?Aww!

Dogs have been the default companions of humans for over 17,000 years. It is understandable that we have an amazing relationship with these noble creatures. They give is unconditional love and trust and thanks to this we have hilarious clips like this dog that fell victim to static. You’ll crack up just keep watching!

This adorable little pup takes adorable to a whole new level. This tiny dog was relaxing on the couch when all of a sudden her owner came up to her and her gave her loving rub. But you won’t believe the hilarious result, it had me in stitches!

When the owner finishes her “grooming”, the dog is transformed and has a whole new look! As it turns out, static electricity can turn a dog into a brand new animal. I can’t decide if that is a dog or a sea urchin! I really haven’t seen anything cute in a long time. Be prepared for your daily dose of cuteness!

Be sure to watch and share this hilarious video with all your family and friends! I definitely identified with this pup’s bad hair day. Quite frankly this clip is incredibly hilarious! It is sure to make anyone who watches it laugh!

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