This Cow Has Never Met A Dog Before. Now Watch What The Cow Does, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Cows are often seen as very docile creatures, but this video will show that they can become overexcited. Watch how this cow reacts to this beautiful speckled Dalmatian on the other side of the fence. It’s hard to tell of this is just wishful thinking on the part of the cow, that the ‘grass is always greener on the other side.’

But the cow is very playful and quickly garners the attention of the Dalmatian. The dog is in 100% sure what it should do in this situation and even glasses back and checks with his owner to make sure that everything is okay.

Seeing that these cows are not simple mindless creatures as mainstream media might lead you to believe is a good thing. Watch this video and see the near instant bond form between this cow and his brand-new Dalmatian friend.

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