This Cow Was Rescued From Being Slaughtered. What Happened Next Warmed My Heart.

When we sit down to eat things like burgers, or other forms of meat, we tend not to think about the animals that were the meals were derived from. Thinking of their last moments of terror before they were slaughtered don’t enter our consciousness. That tends to blunt our appetites, I think. But this video serves to remind us that a cow, a creature that many of us tend to think of as being incredibly stupid, do have feelings, situational awareness, and can socialize with other cows.

It shows a cow in Germany who was in a trailer, en route to a slaughterhouse. A rescue organization stopped it and there’s a close-up of the cow’s face. Its muzzle has been cruelly bound and you can see the terror in its eyes. Tears well up and drip down its face. Then we see it being led out to a pasture, where other rescued cows await it. There’s even a hint of a love connection between two of them right away. They start playing and chasing each other. So much for the image of the cow that stares blankly chewing its cud and passing gas.

We block out things like this in our minds. I ate turkey even after seeing a video with Sarah Palin conducting an interview while a worker in the background seized a turkey, turned it upside down and stuck its head through a spinning blade. Palin serenely sipped a cup of coffee while that went on behind her. Humans may be among the most sentient of lifeforms on this planet, but that doesn’t mean that others are not capable of complex feelings.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going vegan or anything like that. I still like a good burger every now and then – though very infrequently these days. My stomach can’t take it more than once a month, if that. I’m just much more aware of what these animals go through. I’m happy that this cow got a second chance to live life. That may sound contradictory, but nothing in life is ever in absolute black and white. Even the 2016 presidential election.

I was really moved by this video. How about you? Were you moved? Or “Moo-ved?” Leave a comment below!

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