A Cow Won’t Stop Crying for Her Missing Baby Until She Looks Through the Fence and Loses It!

Do you think an animal’s maternal instinct is as strong as a human’s? I believe this is so, as much as many experts do. Instinct is what makes animals behave the way they do.

From the very first time they open their eyes, their first reaction is to look for their mother. Even before they open their eyes, they can smell where their mother is, and they are always looking for them.

Cows, too, show tremendous maternal instinct, just like the one in this video. Her baby had turned missing for the day and was nowhere to be seen. She was heartbroken and could even be heard sobbing for him.

The ranchers had organized a search party and before the sun went down, had a surprise for the cow. Watch the touching reunion between this mommy cow and her baby.

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