Cowboy Slowly Approaches A Bunch Of Horses, But Wait Till You See What’s Unique About Them

Horses are fascinating creatures because of the bond they have had with humans for so long, yet they retain their wild character and unique personalities. The American Mustang has long been a source of curiosity and fascination, and if you are not aware of how amazing they are, just check out the video below.

Unfortunately, the habitat of these wild horses is in danger and has been shrinking, sometimes rapidly, over the last few years due to, of course, human intervention and development. Thousands of these horses use to roam free across American grasslands, but this is not the reality anymore. If their habitat and numbers continue to shrink, this breed could be lost forever. These mustangs need wide open spaces to run and graze and preserve their natural way of life, and without it, they will not survive.

Thankfully, there are some groups who are working to change this and increase their numbers as well as preserve their habitat. This video was made by Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary which is a place that combines the wild horses’ habitat with positive human interaction. This organization is working hard to preserve the habitat of these wild horses so that they can continue to breed for many more generations. They are a significant part of American history, and the eco-system in this part of the country. Their preservation is important, and Mustang Monument is making that happen.

Watch all about this amazing horse reserve in the clip right below.

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