Cozy tiny house is built on the weekends for under $40K

After years of living in crowded roommate situations, Sarah and Joel were ready to get their own place. They weren’t prepared to purchase a home and decided to downsize into a tiny house in northeast Portland, Oregon.

The two self-identified “project people” quickly got excited about building a home. Brainstorming and constructing everything together allowed them to create the perfect tiny home for their lifestyle. The couple worked in an old barn every weekend for two years until their home was complete.

The two agreed that having a large kitchen island was crucial, and it ended up being the heart of the home. Thinking about what they valued as a couple and their lifestyles made prioritizing specific projects easy.

The tiny house also has excellent features like floating stairs, custom cabinetry, pocket doors, and a big sink. Sarah even has enough storage to keep some of her sewing equipment and fabric.

One of Joel’s main concerns with tiny living was that he would hit his head in a loft sleeping situation. Together, the couple brainstormed and eventually decided to install a Murphy bed so they could have more space. It is one of the most unique features in the home and one they really enjoy.

Sarah hopes to build a bigger house with Joel someday, and projects like the tiny house are wonderful preparation. The two agree that though building a home together was their biggest challenge, it brought them closer together than ever before.

Joel and Sarah both love living in a tiny house and are very proud of the home they built. They recommend tiny living to anyone looking for a resource-sharing, eco-friendly community.

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Cozy tiny house is built on the weekends for under $40K