This Crane Is Not Afraid To Fight Two Tigers! WOW!

When it comes to predator hierarchy tigers are pretty much at the top of the food chain. Few animals will willingly step forward to face one of this giant felines, their sheer power and size, making it impossible for a fair fight to ensue. However, most animals act on instinct alone when faced with danger from predators, it’s either fight or flight! And when you see the video below, you will see that this crane bravely chose to fight!

This red-crowned crane fell into the tiger’s enclosure at the zoo in Hangzhou, China. The tigers lost little time in viciously chasing the long legged bird. However, the footage shows us how the crane decided to stand its ground! Tigers are capable of being friendly with smaller animals, however this occasions are few and far in between! So, when it comes to the crane in this scenario, you’d probably assume he’d be doomed the second he landed among the tigers. Yet, he’s able to defend himself in a miraculous way leaving the zoo guests stunned.

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