She crashed her car on a rural road – what happened next is astonishing!

For the many of us who drive, the chances of getting in an accident at some point in our lives are quite high. Roads are dangerous, people can be irresponsible, or sometimes we can just have a bit of bad luck. Thankfully, most of the time they’re just bumps and scrapes, but sometimes they can do more than just damage your car.

Shannon Lorio experienced something quite out of the ordinary that began with a common occurrence – getting into an argument with a loved one. She’d had a fight with her husband but then got behind the wheel while still angry. She freely admits to speeding through chicanes over a route that has become known as ‘Nascar road.’ It’s little surprise that she lost control of the vehicle, fishtailed across the tarmac and left the road into trees and undergrowth. When she finally came to a halt, she had been thrown from the driving seat and blacked out.

As Shannon confirms in the video, the car had come off the road so far that it would have been impossible to see by any passing motor –
even if a motorist was passing at all! This rural stretch sees a lot of accidents – and many involving just one vehicle. Without discovery, Shannon’s life was on the line. Then the most unexpected thing happened.

She woke in extreme pain, but to discover something was nuzzling her face. Coming to, she realised there was a dog tending to her. She had no idea where it came from, or if it even belonged to anybody. As it turned out, it was a stray. A stray dog that saved Shannon’s life.

The mystery animal actually hauled Shannon clear of the car wreckage and pulled her to safety in full view of anyone that could be passing by. Still unsure the extent of her injuries, Shannon managed to use the animal as a crutch to stand up and luckily flag down a passing car. The rest, as they say, is history.

Although Shannon had a long road to recovery, she has no doubt she would not be here if it wasn’t for her four-legged saviour. This incredible animal has since been adopted by a local rescue centre who are now training him to save other lives in dangerous situations. And there’s really only one thing they could have named him: they called him ‘Hero. Don’t miss this astonishing story in the video below.