Craziest Obsession Over The Most Unlikely Toy! How We Made It Through Alive Still Baffles Me.

We’ve seen fads and trend erupt from out of nowhere. There doesn’t seem to be any build it, it’s just explosive. One day you’re thinking about pogo sticks, next thing you know, skateboards pop up on the scene. Although I think skateboards were before pogo sticks. Neither here, nor there. Some crazes really show us the worst of humanity. Like Black Friday taking over peoples spirits for the holidays, the need or want to get whatever someone has asked for. The need to make them happy with a Viking like battle in the electronic department of Walmart, throwing elbows and biting the hands of people who are trying to separate you from your desired object.

Times haven’t changed too heavily when it comes to fads. However this flashback to one of the crazes show us where the need to possess the newest fad or collectable may just prove to be our downfall. Back in the less crowded times, we discover the craze that had everyone flying out the door, jumping in their car to drive as safely and fast as possible to the closest mall or shopping center.

In the year of our Lord, 1980, we had one such amazing fad that ran as the far as it could. It started the craze known as “Doll Mania.” The start of our material obsession that led us to where we are now. It was hard to find these little treasures, as their production left so few around for people to get. The quality was an important factor. During the war and the towards the end of the industrial revolution we noticed a lot of machine made goods. This took some of the humanity out of our favorite products, just didn’t have an original “touch” anymore.

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