Crazy Bachelor Trip In Woods turns Into A Rescue Mission For Female!! What Happens Next? OMG!

Mitchell Craddock was excited about his upcoming nuptials when he would finally tie the knot with his best friend and fiancée. His eight buddies were excited about as well – one last boys’ trip for his bachelor’s party where they could let loose and have a great time. They had the location sorted – a cabin in the quiet wilderness of Tennessee, and had the money for liquor set aside.

These guys loved the outdoors. They envisioned a perfect weekend of beer, bacon and having good old fun. However, on the first day itself, their revelry was interrupted by a stranger at their door, who looked at them hungrily as they cooked their bacon. The scent of the cooking food wafted out the open windows and door and this attracted a very hungry looking, malnourished female. They were shocked.

The hungry female was a dog who hadn’t been fed in a while and looked to be an abandoned stray. Deciding to name her Annie, they fed her and found that she had recently given birth to a litter which couldn’t be found. She was so malnourished that her milk had dried up. The guys decided to rescue the pups.

They followed Annie as she took off after she was fed and came across a grassy area in the forest where she stood guard over a small hole. Coming closer, they noticed one tiny head poke out. The camouflaged hole held seven flea-ridden puppies and the 8 guys took them back to their cabin where they fed them and gave them a bath.

Even better, they spent the money collected for adult beverages and spent it on dog food and dog supplies. They named the puppies Knox, Bear, Gunner, Rose, Finn, Brimmy and Daisy and the best thing of all – the 8 guys adopted the 8 furry animals! The guys all live within a five mile radius of each other which means that the dogs will always be near each other.

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