“He Dresses Up As A Girl To Teach These Creeps A Lesson. Watch What Happens Next!”

If there is one social issue that we need to talk about and has haunted many a women then it is the issue of sexual harassment. Now this harassment can come from different quarters. It can be emotional, physical, verbal, sexual and mental. Every woman faces at least one instance of sexual harassment once a day which in this modern world is appalling.

This video also deals with this particular issue. This young woman in the video is regularly subjected to catcalls and whistles from a rowdy bunch of construction workers every day. So she stitched her perfect plan for payback with her friend. What happens is that this friend of hers, who is a guy, dresses up as a girl and passes by the same site and gets similar catcalls from the workers. What comes next can only be described as a shocking surprise for both the construction workers and the viewers. https://youtu.be/S24gJmjqIqY Watch this video to discover the surprise and leave a comment about it on our comment section.