Creepy Doll Factory Will Give You Nightmares! By The :10 Mark, I Already Had CHILLS!

The place where this video was recorded has been kept secret, as it’s not only for the preservation and safekeeping of the area, but because there’s just something disturbing that haunts this place. A porcelain doll factory located in Spain is shown, and this abandoned building’s images are terrifying. It’s said that Ramon Ingles, a sculptor from Valencia, in Spain, was the doll maker who worked in this factory. Porcelain dolls were very popular in the richest parts of Europe around the 1800’s, but their popularity spread throughout many cultures ever since, and it’s still present today.

This creepy dolls are still considered collectables by many, since the quality of the materials they’re made of makes them look very realistic, and master doll makers could make each one to be unique. Just looking at their remains is already off-putting! The factory depicted in the clip was suddenly abandoned overnight, which explains the mess. But how come no one ever did anything about it? All things considered, this abandoned factory has something supernatural about it, it gives me chills just to watch!

Watch the video right below. Would you dare to enter a place like that? Tell us what you thought in the comments.

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