This Crippled Dog Has Been Waiting Patiently For Her Owner To Return From Military Service!

Animals in general have a very pure and bright existence. Seeing how they go about the world enjoying it and being curious. Dogs have such great chemistry with humans thanks to centuries of evolving to coexist with us in peace, specifically. The bond forged between a dog and his human is nigh unbreakable especially when a special needs pup is accepted and loved; he will follow his master until de ends of the universe.  The next story will show you the strength of this love!
The little pup in the video below is truly one of a kind. Not only does she have a big heart, but this tiny pit bull also has the determination and perseverance of a warrior. Emma is a special needs puppy that was born with a birth defect that left her crippled and unable to walk properly.

Emma’s parents are fostering her as a SNARR pet, which stands for “special needs animal rescue and rehabilitation.” Emma grew very closer to her owner, a U.S. Air Force Soldier, but he soon was deployed for the Middle East. Emma was devastated by this event, and she spent the next six months yearning for her owner’s return.

Witness this beautiful reunion, I guarantee you will be moved.


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