Crossing guard, only 4 feet 8 inches tall, saves girl from danger. OMG!

When they say heroes come in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t just a platitude, it’s really true. Proof of that is a woman named Adrian Young who stands all of 4 feet 8 inches tall. She’s a crossing guard at a school in Los Angeles. Normally her work is all about keeping kids safe from traffic, but one day she protected a little girl from a very different threat.

It was a perfectly ordinary September school day up until the moment Adrian saw a woman crossing the street with a young girl. As they got closer, it became apparent that something just wasn’t right. Then all of a sudden, the girl cried out desperately for help: “Please don’t let her take me! I don’t know her! She’s not my mom!”

Without hesitating a moment, Adrian grabbed the girl and told her to hold on tight. The woman, who was much larger than Adrian, did her best to wrench the girl away and knock the determined crossing guard down. Once she’d had enough of the tussle, the woman ran off without the girl. Adrian called the police who later arrested the would-be kidnapper. The girl’s mom was incredibly grateful and gave Adrian a great big hug, later saying, “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know where my daughter would be.”

The City of Los Angeles took notice, honoring Adrian with a certificate recognizing her heroism. As the city’s representative at the ceremony honoring her said, “Sometimes superheroes come in small packages. Because of her diligence, training, awareness, and just because she cares so much about children, she prevented what could’ve been a kidnapping of a child.”

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