Mike Rowe’s POWERFUL voice takes over the Internet

Mike Rowe continues to amaze when a barbershop quartet calls him up on stage where he delivers powerful harmonies.

Mike, who is known for performing ‘tough’ jobs does seem a little out of place here. The crowd is growing increasingly curious until he starts singing. But just you watch in the video below.

The barbershop quartet is one of the greatest traditions that still sounds great. Their origin stems back from the groups that became famous around the 50s. These groups would rehearse outside barbershops and would then go on to perform for audiences.

It was not a rare sight to see them performing outside barbershops and important venues where they hoped to be discovered and make it big. For a quartet to be successful, they must find the perfect balance between the voices.

If one person is singing slightly off-key, it will show in the harmonies. People who hope to be a part of one must be good singers already and take some classes with a singing teacher.

I guess any day is a good day to see a celebrity perform. This is something that a crowd that had gathered for a barbershop quartet was about to find out.

They have just finished singing a song and start to sing the next one, when out of nowhere comes Mike Rowe and takes the place of one of the singers.

Mike Rowe\'s POWERFUL voice takes over the Internet