The crowd’s in disbelief when he performs a hauntingly awesome dance. Brace yourself!

People never cease to amaze with their great talents. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, out comes another one that makes you forget about the rest. I was never a great dancer, but my oldest brother was. At least when he was a teenager. At the time, the biggest craze was breakdancing. He hung along with many of his friends who were very hood hip-hop and break dancers.

They would meet at popular park or mall and would practice for about 4 hours straight. One of them was very good and had dreams of appearing one day in front of large crowds or even starring in a movie. One time he was approached by a restaurant owner who was having a special event and asked him to perform there in exchange for a free dinner and some money.

His name was Tyrone and he gladly accepted. His friends were also very excited even though they had not been invited to perform. They helped him practice but to be honest, they weren’t as good as Tyrone. Tyrone could do many different break dancing moves as well as robot dance steps. He went to that event and not only had a wonderful time but found a steady job as well.

The job didn’t pay that well initially, but he did manage to pay school and a few dance courses that he took. He decided to take his passion for dance to the next level and went to study at a fancy dance school in NYC. He was told he was very talented but that he needed to learn the foundations of dance which he did. By the time he came out he was a much better dancer.

Taking advantage of the craze in hip-hop, he got together with a couple of his friends from dance school and opened a new dance school in California. He had to put in all his savings, but he knew that if he did anything with his heart, it was bound to pay off. Fourteen months later, it did. After being mentioned in the local newspaper, he started getting a lot of enrollments and has been doing very well since.

The man in the following video could even star in a movie, he’s that good. I had never heard of him until very recently. He is a dancer from your wildest dreams about to perform the impossible. He has been mimicked by many but never surpassed. Get ready to get your socks blown off and learn a few cool dance steps along the way. Introducing the one and only Stephane Deheselle, a.k.a. “S.”