Cruel Owner Abandoned This Herd Of 30 Ponies, But What Happened Next Put A Smile On My Face!

When the person who had bred these ponies for profit had no use for them any longer, he discarded them like trash. People can be really self-centered and mean sometimes, can’t they? Thankfully, when the news reached Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary, they immediately came to the aid of these Shetland ponies. You are going to be teary-eyed when you see the rescue given below!

The herd had 30 Shetland ponies in total; out of which, two were two stallions and the rest were mares. All of the mares were pregnant. The sanctuary decided to keep all of them together so they would adjust to their new surroundings more quickly and comfortably. They had hay to eat while the staff looked at each one to make sure there were no injuries or eye problems.

When they arrived at the sanctuary, there were in pretty good shape, but when they were unloaded from the truck, they seemed a little disoriented. But they were all together and okay. They were dewormed, groomed, and then released to the sanctuary fields. Their enthusiasm at their new found freedom touched my heart!

Once they were out in the field, another surprise awaited them. They were next to some cows in the next field! New friends! They all came over to meet their new neighbors everyone looks happy to be there. I think there are some new friends and new experiences in store for these little guys.

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