Cruel Owner Bred These Poor Ponies For Money. But Then They Did THIS and My Heart Melted! OMG!

This is a family herd of 30 Shetland ponies, 28 pregnant mares and 2 stallions. They did not look overly bad. The coats were not too shiny and they’re overfed but they look alright overall. The looks were not the issue here. Only a cruel breeder would abandon his animals just like that.

This is a heartwarming video that is sure to lift you up. Things are looking up for these ponies. Hillside Animal Sanctuary has agreed to take them in. They will have a new home in Norwich, England.

The arrival is on the sad side. The ponies are crowded into a trailer and they know they had been abandoned. As soon as they step into barn, however, fresh hays are waiting for them. All 30 of them go to town. And then volunteers at the sanctuary give each of them a health exam and have them dewormed and groomed.

The best way would be to keep them all together in a large parcel of the sanctuary field. So off they go!

Now comes the cool part. Watch how happy they get when they realized that all was going to be well. The herd of European bison in a neighboring plot comes over to greet and make them feel right at home! On the one hand you will feel so happy for the Shetland ponies and on the other hand you will think the bison are cool. Wonderful stuff!