Cruelest Owner Denied Sweetest Petite Puppy Food. This Savage Owner Is Just Terrible. What a Joke!

Shiba Inu’s are said to be one of Japan’s oldest and smallest dogs. Kibo, as seen below, is the adorable Shiba Inu that just cannot stop jumping! He studies his hairless father, waiting as patiently as possible for the most important and the most obvious answer- it is time for food! His slow owner takes his time grabbing the package and each scoop takes forever!

As each scoop leaves the cup and hits the metal bowl with a resounding clatter of sound, Kibo jumps in anticipation and joy. Those delectable kibbles are so close and yet so far. The patience a dog much has is just amazing. With each day he is recorded, the reaction gets stronger and stronger. I am surprised this dog was not named Pavlov!

As he flits and flutters, tongue out and saliva-gaining traction in his mouth, Kibo jumps for joy each time he hears that delicious kibble hit that metal bowl. I have to admit, there is a rewarding sound to it. I can easily see why Kibo is full of such energy!

His dad must love him very much. This is evident from recording his fur baby’s reaction, sharing it to give joy to so many others. As his father illustrates, with much love, also must there be guidance. At the end of the collaboration of videos strung together over weeks, an out-stretched palm stops Kibo from pouncing into the bowl. It is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The standoff between father and baby comes to ay might conclusion!

The first time, I had no idea what was going on with Kibo. It is such a simple lesson, with such profound characteristics. Watch the beautifully groomed Kibo in his “Dance with Dinner. I just could not believe how much energy this little does has! It is extraordinary, what a furry blessing he is. What are your thoughts on Kibo? We would love to hear what you thought of him. Please leave a comment in the comments section below,

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