Cub can’t keep up with momma bear and siblings – so officer comes to the rescue

You’ve got to be super careful driving through woodland or countryside these days, as you never know what you’re likely to be greeted with. Warning signs for animals of varying species can sometimes not be enough to teach people to slow down and keep their eyes peeled for critters invading the tarmac, as many animals still perish on our roads each year. Well, that certainly wasn’t happening on this police officer’s watch!

The officer in question was working out of the Town of Carroll Police Department, New Hampshire when he arrived at a potentially dangerous scene – a momma bear and her cubs trying to cross a busy road. Pulling his cruiser over, the officer keeps a safe distance and patiently waits for the animals to get safely to the other side. But rather than go off into the woods, the momma bear frustratingly kept returning back to the side they had just come from. Then it dawned on the officer what the problem was.

Struggling to keep up at the back of the pack was one of her cubs, who was having a hard time crossing the road. When mom kept going backwards and forwards, trying to encourage her offspring to join the family, it became clear to the officer that something was wrong and he had to step in and come to the rescue.

The video, which has been viewed over a million times and shown on the popular animal lover website The Dodo, shows the officer rescuing the poorly cub and taking him to an animal rehabilitation centre. In a crazy turn of events, it turns out that the momma bear had another weakened cub who was also already in care, and these two siblings were reunited at the shelter! What are the chances of that?! Hopefully, now, the two bears will get their strength back and can be returned to the wild, and to the rest of the family. Momma bear must surely be missing two of her 5 babies!

“Awesome, brings a smile to my face, we need more good people,” comments one YouTuber, and how right they are. If only more people were this careful and attentive when it comes to looking after animals, we might not see so many of them killed on our roads annually.

Don’t miss this amazing story and share with your family and friends. Take care on those roads people – you never know when you’ll spot a family of bears crossing!