These Cubs Love Their Mommy, And It Shows

If there’s one thing that’s truly universal across all animal species, is that the relationship between a mother and her child is one of the deepest bonds ever. This bond is so strong, that any human who might come between mother and child may be in serious trouble if the animal feels you might hurt her young. Bears are probably the best known example of this. But, there is no such threat in this video of this momma bear and her cubs, and when you see the video, you might just reach cuteness overload. The clip is a perfect example of the beautiful mother-child relationship, and it comes from friends you’d least expect.

In the video, a momma bear is closely caring for her baby cubs, and from the moment they cling to her back until they run off on their own, the mother is closely watching over them. Even in the animal kingdom, being a mom is a very tough job, but this momma bear doesn’t give up easily. She is determined to watch over her two cubs and protect them, so it’s a good thing she seems to have a lot of patience with them, although not as much energy. It seems she tries to take a bit of a nap while the cubs take a moment to play with each other instead of her.

The clip is very emotional, and it will give you a sweet reminder of how important the love between a mother and her kids really is. There really isn’t anything more vital for a child, and a little love can go a long way.

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