Most Cuddly Saint Bernard Forces His Dad Into A Big Hug… TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

Giant dogs are not for everyone, but that absolutely does not discount the fact that they are very cool animals. This Saint Bernard looks as if he might be bigger than his owner, as well as weigh significantly more than his owner. While that might make some people nervous, this man and his wife think that it’s hilarious.

It’s especially funny that this large dog wants to cuddle. He wants a hug and he wants some love, and his size works in his favor.

Perhaps he’s not been getting enough attention, like 24 hours a day, and he’s decided that he’s just going to hold his dad hostage as long as he feels the need to hug and kiss his face.
This is why people have dogs; they’re best friends and the most wonderful animals in the world. It’s also why you should make sure your big dog never has a chance to corner you.

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