Curious baby elephant entertains with antics while she figures out her trunk

Baby elephant Khanyisa

The Jabulani herd of elephants living in the orphanage HERD in South Africa were found roaming and enjoying another beautiful day. Adine Roode had founded the sanctuary for orphaned baby elephants. The team at HERD integrated the little ones into the existing elephant herd so that they had a family and were never alone. Limpopo and Bubi were the first ones to come forward and greet Adine, who was standing nearby.

Elephant herd

Under the beautiful sky and greenery, the Jabulani herd was constantly foraging with the tiny albino elephant, Khanyisa. The first elephant born to the herd, Limpopo, gave her caregiver, Tich, a trunk greeting. Adine had filled erosion holes in the reserve with elephant dung and leftover branches and lucerne. This way, they could reuse wastes for beneficial purposes.

While the herd was busy eating, Fishan was found raising his trunk as if the elephant wanted to greet someone. Lundi, the other herd member, chewed branches with the others. Bubi also invested time in eating and retrieved a tree branch for herself again. Next, Lundi and Tokwe, the two elephants, explored the homestead in the background. Soon all the herd members moved to a different area to find more green branches to eat. Finally, the albino calf walked with her allomother Kumbura.

Elephant herd

Herd members, Zindoga and Fishan, followed Khanyisa. On the route to the other location, Fishan and Tokwe grabbed a snack. The albino calf Khanyisa investigated the foliage with her foot and trunk and entertained everyone with her antics. She soon moved close to her matriarch, Tokwe, and ate her meal quietly. However, when she could not break the branch with the trunk, she added extra force with her body weight and even used her teeth.

Khanyisa clearly liked eating the plant as there was a lot of grass around her, but she was busy breaking the branch of the plant. However, this was a good thing as practicing food collection was vital for her survival. Moreover, it was an easy stance for a small elephant to pull off than any of the more enormous elephants of the herd.


After she was satisfied, she moved on to the green grass. She passed by her herd member Fishan. However, Fishan was busy eating the topmost branches. His rounded forehead looked like a bull. He demonstrated incredible strength in his trunk. However, Khanyisa chose to graze beside Tokwe.

She was almost invisible in the tall bushes, but the herd members kept an eye on her. Kumbura tried to play with the branches of a dead tree while Lundi stood beside her son, Mambo. While the herd members ate, Adine spotted a Golden Orb Spider and was interested in the little creature. It was an exciting day for them as everyone enjoyed foraging in the wilderness.

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