Curious Buffalo Goes Up To A Trampoline, But What He Does Next Will Leave You In Stitches!

A lot of us keep dogs, cats, or even birds as pets. But this family in the video has their buffalo. When the owners decided to renew their wedding vows on their seventh wedding anniversary, their beloved buffalo was chosen as the best man. After the whole event was over, the big guy went up to play on the kid’s trampoline in order to release his stress.

When this video was recorded, this buffalo weighed nearly 1900 pounds. He was only 4 years old, but he was much larger than other buffalos his age. The owners say that he is a very playful creature. He loves baby animals like goats, cats, horses, and dogs. He has also been featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. In this video however, he surprises us with his interest in the trampoline!

The trampoline had fallen off one of its supports, so he was able to get his front feet onto the fabric, and I’m sure it felt very strange to him. He scratched around a bit and then walked around to the other side, kicking the trampoline off of another one of its support legs. Now he was able to actually get fully onto this strange looking object.

When he got on the trampoline, he scratched his head on the strange surface. I’m certain it felt very foreign, and apparently very interesting to him.

Watch this hilarious video below! Looks like he is really curious, isn’t he? Share what you thought about the video in the comments!

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